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Luke Norris' has worked on an incredibly diverse range of products, across numerous companies during his design career.

Hotels and Restaurants –
Revamping Hotel and Restaurant interiors and exteriors as well as their branding identity , web design, along with all point of sale collateral used within the Hotels. Clients have included The Chalk Hotel, Limes Boutique Hotel, Fresh Fish Co., Lychee Lounge and more.

Motor Industry –
Both Dealer Group and Manufacturer work on branding, print pieces, press campaigns, signage, logo treatment, web design, as well as point of sale collateral for clients including Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu UTE, Ralliart, Volkswagen, Northstar Motor Group, Pacific Motor Group and more.

Financial Services –
Branding, print and point of sale collateral, logo treatment and more for clients such as Bank of Queensland, Queensland Financing and Leasing, and Norris Financial Group.

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Fashion Industry –
Branding, print campaigns, point of sale, logo treatment, web design and modelling for clients such as City Beach, Verge Shoes, Vanilla Salon, Katie Moubarak Swimwear, and more.

As well as the industries above, Luke has also worked with Internet and web based industries, as well as the alcohol, Pastoral, Retail and many more. For a list of current clients, please go to the Clients page on the site.